Pilot Brewing Company

The whole staff is Cicerone certified. Which means they're like super saiyan beer worshipers and are super happy to see you reach drunkenness levels OVER 9,000!!!

Featured Photo Credit: Charlotte Agenda

Pilot Episode #0

Pilot Episode #1

Opened:August 2018
Beers On Tap:16 Rotating Selection.
Check their Untappd page for the current menu.
Size:1900 sq ft
Kitchen?Midwood Smokehouse is a block away,
that smoked meat aroma is hard to resist.
Yafo Kitchen delivers to the bar.
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  • Just because it’s called a nanobrewery doesn’t mean you shrink. The single barrel experimentation allows the good people at Pilot to “take it back to small batch” while featuring home brewers in their rotating Community Brew taps. Exbeerimental is their slogan.
  • Pilot is the brainchild of a husband and wife team following their dreams.  While circling the airspace, trying to find the CLT to land his Boeing, hubby thought, “Brewing our own beer is more fun than flying planes!” Who can’t support witty, go-getters like Rachael and Jeff Hudson?
  • The regulars have found that day drinking successfully inhibited their automatic tendency to correctly answer the easy questions, per se.