Dennis & JD

We are addicts of performing comedy.  Between us, there are 15 years of experience delivering punchlines. The goal of this website is not just to be a mere bottom in a bottomless pit of knowledge for all things brewerying; but, to also create the perfect portfolio piece of our comedic personas.

The Approach

We want to make sure that the average consumer (you) is aware of what they’re getting into when they walk into a brewery, and to get a feel for the place to see if it is the kind of establishment they want to spend time at. We feel that all breweries provide a valuable social service; our job is to merely inform you (the average consumer) about the energy, atmosphere, and overall experience in an entertaining way.

Price / Beer Ratio

We have calculated a number to represent the price range of beers a brewery offers. First, we average the prices of 16oz beers when we review the place. Then we divide that number by the stable price of $2 for 16oz Pabst Blue Ribbon.

CLT, beer, and history

Anointed the 10th busiest airport in the country in 2017 the CLT airport brings nearly 46 million people into and out of the Charlotte city limits annually.  There’s bound to be more than a few that choose to experience the gilded age of breweries in town. 
Many people don’t realize this but, Charlotte has a rich rebellious history and the citizens continue to shape it as such. Ask any resident that has lived in Charlotte more than a few years and they will be proud of the fact that the city was the very first to declare their independence from the Brits in 1775, with the ride of Captain James Jack. 
Throughout American history Charlotte, NC has earned its nickname of “The Hornet’s Nest of Rebellion” and wears the title with pride.  Even the Charlotte Hornet’s NBA basketball team keeps up the good fight by rebelling against winning.

Charlotte, 1910 – Photo courtesy of Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room – Charlotte Mecklenburg Library